iCapData prices


Depending on the complexity of the study design, we categorize projects in 3 levels*.

Project level 1 (student projects)

  • Start-up 1000€ + from 2nd year 300€/year

Project level 2 (small research projects)

  • Start-up 6000€ + from 2nd year 2000€/year

Project level 3 (large research projects)

  • Start-up 9000€ + from 2nd year 3000€/year

Start-up includes a few online briefings


*Study levels:

  1. Student projects (PhD or Master thesis)
  • One or two students capture own research data (study directors may also have full access).
  • Less than 5 questionnaires in iCapData.
  • Up to 100 subjects in projects with longitudinal design (with repeated measurements), or up to 500 subjects if it is cross-sectional.
  1. Small and medium research projects
  • A reduced group of users (up to 10) with multi-level access.
  • Up to 10 questionnaires in iCapData.
  • Up to 300 subjects in projects with longitudinal design (with repeated measurements), or up to 1500 subjects if it is cross-sectional.
  1. Large research projects
  • Typically multi-center studies with unlimited users with multi-level access.
  • Unlimited questionnaires in iCapData.
  • Unlimited subjects in projects with longitudinal design (with repeated measurements) or cross-sectional surveys.

Additional services

  • Preload existing data
    • Free with your iCapData project during set-up!


  • Auto-validation, branching logic, calculated fields, embedded algorithms or scheduled events.
    • 50-300€ per questionnaire.


  • Multi-language option (i.e. Catalan) as of user´s choice
    • 300€/extra language (client provide the translation of the questionnaires).


  • Change your design, questionnaires, menus or database during data collection
    • 100-1500€


  • Audit trails for tracking data manipulation and user activity
    • Free with your iCapData project during set-up!



  • Individual micro-site for participants, with access to online individual feedback to inform and to be used as intervention tools.
    • 500€ (+ the customized informs generated from iCapStats)


  • Standard participant interface designed individual questionnaires to self-report their own data on scheduled time points (i.e. daily steps taken with pedometer or weekly weight and waist circumference) or at random (i.e. for repeated 24h recalls) which can be announced by e-mail or instant messaging.
    • 1500€ set-up + 1500€/year (includes individual micro-site as described above)


  • A specific app for your project, available to download at appstore or playstore, to use with proper authentication in participants’ own tablets or smartphones.
    • 3000 € set-up + 1500€/year

(Including individual micro-site and self-report questionnaires).


  • Customized design adapted to study individuals (i.e. children).
    • Ask for quotation.


  • Multi-language option (i.e. Catalan) as of participant´s choice.
    • 300€/extra language (client provide the translation of the questionnaires)


  • Export your real-time raw data and syntax files for SPSS, Stata, R or SAS with an automated seamless procedure, in transversal (cross-sectional and longitudinal studies) or longitudinal database format
    • Free with your iCapData project!


  • Graphical data view and descriptive statistics of all your study variables
    • Free with your iCapData project!


  • Customized ad hoc reports and interim analysis (downloads to pdf, LaTeX or Excel), displayed in table format and programmed alerts if i.e. approaching significance.
    • 500€ each or 750€ both.


  • Customized feedback to be used as intervention tools
    • Ask for quotation.


  • Customized online file uploading system which allows specific data capture from various sources i.e. accelerometer raw data, or wireless devices you use for measurements (e.g. wireless body scales), in .excel .csv or lab analytics .pdf files!
  • Ask for quotation.


  • Effortless processing of raw accelerometer data uploaded with our iCapUpload module. We currently support GENEActive and Actigraph data files.
  • 1€/100MB measurements to be processed.
  • 300€/1TB raw data files to be stored.


  • Food frequency questionnaires
  • Free with your iCapData set-up if only raw data is fed to the database.
  • 1000€ if the FFQ is already created in our list of iCapData adapted questionnaires, and nutrient reporting is processed from Spanish or USDA food composition data bases.
  • 1500-3000€ if the translations from FFQ to food composition data base for nutrient reporting needs to be created by dietitian prior to processing.


  • Specimen tracking at the clinic site, and at specimen repositories, with sample identification with code bars.
  • Ask for quotation.



Extra services


Leasing of devices

  • Tablets with attachable keyboard and mobile internet connection
  • 40€/unit/month (in Spain, other countries tbc).


  • GENEActiv accelerometers
  • 25€/unit/month (incl. one 4-device charger every 1-16 units).


Hiring of trained field workers

  • Hire experienced data capturers: Dietitians, nurses, physical activity technicians
  • Ask for quotation.


Validation studies

  • iCapData has a large repository of standard validated classical paper form questionnaires in iCapData adapted electronic form, some already validated (check our up-to-date list at our webpage….. ).
  • Previous to your data collection you may want us to validate your questionnaire of choice between paper form and iCapData form, in your specific study population
  • Ask for your quotation!

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