DataHunter, S.L. (DataHunter) was created 2014 as a SpinOff of Predimed Research (Prevention con Dieta Mediterranea). Predimed Research focuses on evaluating the effect on health and prevention of chronical diseases by following a specific diet and lifestyle known as “The Mediterranean Diet”.


Predimed is a joint initiative of multi-disciplinary European researchers, the University of Málaga and the Research Networking Center CIBER Physiopathology of Obesity and Nutrition (CIBERobn, created under the leadership of the Carlos III Health Institute).

The first phase of the study was conducted by 90 researchers spread out in 10 hospitals, monitoring a Risk Group (RG) of 7000 persons matching a specific criteria. The Risk Group was spread over the Spanish territory. The study involved the following main activities:

Education of the Risk Group on the “Mediterranean Lifestyle”
Monitoring the Risk Group on their progress in following the prescriptions
Motivational program to help the Risk Group follow the diet
Evaluation of the effectivity of the “Mediterranean Diet”

In order to secure the success of the study, a team was assembled with the task to develop a mHealth solution that should handle the management, data collection, analysis and presentation of both the research and field surveys. The working name for the resulting solution is iCapData and is based on a server based web application, wearable and handheld technology (accelerometers, Smartphones and tablets) and a support team.

iCapData has proven key in optimizing all main activities in the study and will be used extensively on the extension of the Predimed Study: Predimed+ which will start in spring 2015.

The Predimed study itself has proven a success; the adoption of the “Mediterranean Diet” has reduced the cases of Ictus and Heart Attacks by almost 30% among the RG.

The IPR for iCapData is held by Data Hunter, and is now recognized by Predimed as the solution provider for the project. Given that the development team is working from the University of Málaga (UMA), they have offered to participate in the company by giving it a formal “UMA Spin Off” status.

DataHunter wants to become the leading supplier of mHEalth solutions for Diet related applications and studies.