iCapData® Electronic Data Capture platform


iCapData is a browser-based platform to support data collection for research studies and surveys.

iCapData/It is a platform of customized forms and questionnaires for cross-sectional or repeated measurement data entry in single or multicenter sites, by any level of users with different authorization of access to the platform.


Fast, fully customizable and secure set-up

The conception to production-level of your fully customizable iCapData project (survey or longitudinal design) is done with a stream-lined process and is set up in a few days with secure web connection using authentication and data logging.


World-wide multi-site availability

Your iCapData project is set-up with online support no matter where you are, or how many study centers are involved with multi-level users with different access to the data.


Advanced features

-No software required; iCapData is a browser-based application that runs in any modern web-HTML5 compliant and updated browser (i.e. I.Explorer 10, Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Safari). It is especially handy if tactile mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones are used for data entry from anyone at anytime.


-The client side can also work on standalone mode if internet access is not available.


-Customizable Import/Export functions enable you to use iCapData on projects ongoing projects.


-The database structure may be designed and edited at any moment without data loss.


-The forms include editable embedded algorithms for instant auto-validation, branching logic, calculated fields, scheduling events, etc.


-iCapData includes audit trails for data manipulation and user activity tracking.


-An online file uploading process allows data capture from scanned documents, accelerometer data, or any other wireless measurement device.


Design your intervention tools

iCapMyData and iCapStats modules can be fully customized to bring instant specific feedback to be used as an interactive intervention tools.


Real-time statistics

Export your real-time raw data and syntax files for SPSS, Stata, R or SAS with an automated seamless procedure, in transversal or longitudinal database format.

Monitorize your study goals and interim analyses with ad hoc reporting tools (downloads to pdf, LaTeX or Excel).


iCapData® Specific Modules


Extra modules of iCapData for particular data capture are also available and under intense R&D to meet whatever need of our clients.



iCapMyData is a iCapData module with a specially user-friendly and attractive interface designed for participants/patients to self-report their own data on scheduled time points (typically daily steps taken with pedometer or weekly weight and waist circumference) or at random (i.e. for repeated 24h recalls) which can be announced and/or recalled personally (e.g. in a classroom) or by e-mail, instant messaging or sms.


iCapMyData is available in cross-browser online/offline application (home or work computers, personal tablets or smartphones with any modern web browser (Safari, Chrome, firefox, Explorer, Opera, etc..), just entering their personal webpage after appropriate authentication.




  • Individual micro-site for participants, with access to online individual feedback to inform and to be used as intervention tools.
  • Standard participant interface designed individual questionnaires to self-report their own data on scheduled time points (typically daily steps taken with pedometer or weekly weight and waist circumference) or at random (e.g. for repeated 24h recalls) which can be announced by e-mail or instant messaging.
  • Customized design adapted to study individuals (e.g. children).
  • Multi-language option as of participant´s choice. (client provide the translation of the questionnaires)


Extra options: We can create a specific app for your project, available to download with participant login and password from appstore or playstore, to use in participants’ own tablets or smartphones if preferred.



iCapStats is a fully integrated only online module to download databases and ad hoc statistical reports with data saved with your iCapData platform.


Seamlessly export your raw database

Export your real-time raw data and syntax files for SPSS, Stata, R or SAS with an automated seamless procedure, in transversal (cross-sectional and longitudinal studies) or longitudinal database format.

Graphical Data View & Descriptive Stats

Display in real time your project variables in aggregate graphical format and as descriptive statistics, designed to assist in data cleaning and evaluation.


Instant monitoring of study goals

We build your custom reports (downloads to pdf, LaTeX or Excel), which will query the project in real time and display the resulting data in a table format. You will know when preliminary analyses have the potential to be published!


Interim analysis for clinical trials in real time

Don’t waste time and money and stop your clinical trial with precision with real time interim analyses and programmed alerts if approaching significance.



  • Export your real-time raw data and syntax files for SPSS, Stata, R or SAS with an automated seamless procedure, in transversal (cross-sectional and longitudinal studies) or longitudinal database format
  • Graphical data view and descriptive statistics of all your study variables.
  • Customized ad hoc reports and interim analysis (downloads to pdf, LaTeX or Excel), displayed in table format and programmed alerts if i.e. approaching significance.
  • Customized feedback to be used as intervention tools.




iCapUploads is an integrated only online customized file uploading system which allows specific data capture from various sources in .excel .csv or even .pdf files, i.e. lab analytics, accelerometer raw data, or wireless devices you use for measurements (e.g. wireless body scales, electrocardiographs).




Assessment of physical activity through any validated questionnaire can be included in the iCapData menu, but the iCapActivity module is specifically designed for effortless processing of objectively measured physical activity data by accelerometer assessment.

Tracking of accelerometers and wearing time is entered in iCapData, and raw data uploaded with our iCapUpload module.

Customized complex automated computing techniques in our iCapActivity module feed new variables to your iCapData database and inform iCapStats with information of interest such as physical activity levels, sedentary behaviors or, if wearing at night, sleeping patterns.

We currently support GENEActive and Actigraph data files.




As any other questionnaire, assessment of dietary habits can be included in the iCapData menu.

Both the collection and processing of dietary intake information from Quantitative or semi-quantitative Food Frequency Questionnaires (FFQ) benefit enormously by electronic capture due to the amounts and complexity of data usually involved.

Spanish, USDA and Swedish food composition data bases are currently fully integrated in the iCapDiet module for nutrient reporting.


R&D (Estimated to be ready during 2014): iCapDiet will include a fully automated dietary register/24h recall application.





iCapBiomarkers module can be included in the iCapData menu, and is specifically designed for specimen tracking (e.g. serum, urine, feces, nail samples). It is employed in the sample collection site, and at specimen repositories. All reporting is made available through a secure website and web-based data system interface and samples may be identified with code bars.

Other services provided by DataHunter SL


Equipment rental or purchase

  • Tablets with attachable keyboard and mobile internet connection.
  • Accelerometers (GENEActiv, Actigraph).
  • Wireless/digital scales and height measuring instruments (SECA).
  • Wireless electrocardiographs.
  • Wireless Body Composition analyzers (Tanita).


Hiring of trained field workers

  • Hire experienced data capturers: e.g. Dietitians, nurses, physical activity technicians.


Validation studies

  • iCapData has a large repository of standard validated classical paper form questionnaires in iCapData adapted electronic form, some already validated (check our up-to-date list at our webpage….. ).
  • Previous to your data collection you may want us to validate your questionnaire of choice between paper form and iCapData form, in your specific study population.


Statistical consulting

Let DataHunter´s collaborating experts analyze your gathered research data with basic to advanced statistics and computing and provide you with ready tables and graphics for your scientific publication or dossiers.

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